2013 Ford Edge

  • 2013 Ford Edge

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    • Scan computer for trouble codes, has codes present as follows: P1285-00- Cylinder Head Overtemperature Condition P1299-00 – Cylinder Head Overtemperature Protection Active P1026-00 – Engine Coolant Temperature1, Cyl Head Temp 2 Correlation Inspect coolant loss, found faulty water pump, leaking profusely. Requires replacement before system can be checked for secondary issues/problems. Customer advised, repair approved.
    • R&R accessories/components as needed, remove old water pump, clean all sealing surfaces, and install new water pump assy. Refill system with water first to inspect for any secondary leaks, found upper radiator hose leaking at plastic tee. Cust advised, replacement approved. Renew hose as listed below, and refill system with coolant. Clear trouble codes from computer, and road test vehicle extensively. No recurring codes, no overheat issues encountered.
    • Replace upper radiator hose assy
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